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Since its establishment in 2000 our company has undergone a significant development and changes, during which it has become a dominant player in the Hungarian security market. Thanks to the constant dynamic development the number of our clients continuously grows. Among the hallmark of our business successes are the extensive and innovative security solutions we employ and the high quality standards we require from our staff as well as compliance with the constantly changing market circumstances. The basis of our business philosophy is to provide long-term, high quality services for our clients by continuous monitoring of quality indicators

SECURIMASTER Kft. is one of the Hungarian companies that provide high-quality security services. The company has been growing dynamically since its foundation, which is also reflected by the growing number of our business partners and employees. As a result of our unified approach and continuously high quality requirements, we are now able to offer a wide range of security services throughout Hungary.

SECURICUM smokebomb

Smoke generators and smoke machines are safe and effective tools for simulating the confusion and danger of a real fire. Regular drills with training smoke teaches to avoid disorientation, improve efficiency, and minimize panic - enabling to concentrate on fighting fires and making rescues.

Fire drills are for more than fires. Knowing the evacuation routes of a building will help in the event of a power outage, gas or chemical leak, or other emergency situation that can occur at the office. Fire drills ensure that employees exit the building in a timely fashion and know their team's designated meeting area, which helps the rescue effort in the event an employee in unaccounted for during an actual emergency at the business.

Our fire drill training course using smoke generator aims give employees the knowledge and understanding they’ll need to effectively run fire drills and organise evacuations. Staff will also learn how they can improve their company’s fire drill and evacuation practices for the better.



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